​​​   And Nothing But The Tooth



Critic's Report: The BookLife Prize

Awarded ​Honorable Mention

Judged by Publishers Weekly

"James's delightful storytelling and irreverent wit come together to create an engaging, upbeat collection of laugh-out-loud tales."

​                    Author: Dr. Carroll James
           Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir​
           Audience: Adult
           Assessment:  And Nothing But The Tooth
  Plot: James's episodic collection of adventures is     wonderfully entertaining and offers delightful insight into one dentist's Irreverent mind. The author's profession is only one of many sources of the comedy and drama in this rollicking journey through

a life that embraces the unexpected.

  Prose: A wordsmith's agility with language and a comedian's easygoing wit combine to create an engaging, upbeat collection of laugh-out-loud tales.

  Originality: Memoirs of dentistry may not be a popular subgenre, but James's offering challenges that. Each story is genuinely original, unexpected, and often absurd without becoming preposterous.

  Character Development: James is an endearing subject of his memoir, gamely greeting adventures large and small and enhancing each with his wickedly funny inner voice. He is generous and gentle in his depictions of family, friends, and fellow travelers, making the tales of his life a most enjoyable and satisfying journey.

   Score:         Plot/Idea: 8;  Originality:10; 

                   Prose: 9; Character/Execution: 9; 


I Swear To Tell The Tooth


The Roanoke Times


Posted: Feb.12, 2017

Book review: Stories readers can sink their teeth into Reviewed by Linda Spivey of Pilot,

outreach/public relations coordinator for Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library system. ​

     Very much in the vein of the beloved James Herriot stories about a country veterinarian and the community he served in Great Britain, “I Swear to Tell the Tooth: Humorous (and Sometimes Touching) Tales from a Globe-Trotting Dentist’s Storied Life (Tooth Is Stranger Than Fiction)” follows the adventures of rural Maryland dentist Carroll James.
     ... he trained an enthusiastic assistant named Kate, who later became his wife.
     Together they raised a family, kept a thriving dental practice going and bought a small farm.
     James tells stories about a range of people he’s met and worked with over about three decades, from an odd lab partner to eccentric and unpredictable assistants, but always with a light-hearted humor.
     Whether it is boarding horses to raise funds for the farm, picking out a puppy for the family or building a home office, all the anecdotes show appreciation for the characters.
     James’ engaging stories will make the reader feel like she’s met Dr. Rolph Dolph, Ole Lincum, Uncle Joel, Mr. Herman and the rest of the heartwarming and hilarious characters.
     Be sure to check out “The Whole Tooth: More Humorous (and Sometimes Touching) Tales from a Globe-Trotting Dentist’s Storied Life (Tooth Is Stranger Than Fiction),” volume two of James’ stories.

​The Whole Tooth​


​Review; Judge 52

24th Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards​

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in all five categories.
"I liked Dr. James' down-to-earth, fresh voice and his willingness to talk about embarrassing moments... letting the mask slip and allowing readers into the peculiar world of running a successful dental practice."